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Why sell your car to us?

Selling your car privately requires a lot of time and effort and may cost more than you think.  You would have to obtain a RWC and complete any repairs required, keep your car in spotless condition, organise photos and advertising, make time for test drives and negotiate and then visit Vicroads to ensure the transfer is completed. Alternatively, you can agree on a fair price and hand the car over.


Think of the number of potential buyers coming to your home.  Some people use your advertising to scope your vehicle and home, and return the following night to steal the car and even your belongings.  Sometimes negotiating the selling price can be quite intimidating with strangers who may become irate in order to get a better deal.

Once you’ve decided to replace your car and sell the old one, it can be frustrating how long selling privately could take.  Often it is much easier to trade your car in to the dealer and simply drop it off on the same day you pick up the new one. Done!

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